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    trophy   CHAMPION Radiant Star's Sir Caleb - PEDIGREE

Sir Caleb - Gorgeous Red Sable with White Markings - male Sir Caleb is a Very Beautiful Boy in Every Way. He will literally grab my shirt or my hand (gently) to play with him. He is so Very Smart and Attractive to Look At. In just 3 short weekends Sir Caleb took Best of Breed 4 times. We are Charmed and in Love with his Alert, Attentive, Fun-Loving & Playtfull Personality.

With a World Champion "Bramver's Fort" for a Sire and My Sweet "Group Winning Girl, Champion Annie" for a mother how can he be any thing but GREAT.

    trophy   CHAMPION Hi-C Tarzan of Radiant Star - PEDIGREE

Tarzan-Gorgeous all White male Tarzan is gorgeous, he became a Champion in just two weekends of showing (to his credit he won two 3pt. majors and two 2pt. majors). As well as having a playful and loving personality, that brings us much joy, he also has beautiful movement and conformation. We just love our Tarzan.

    trophy   CHAMPION Lamar Napoleon of Radiant Star - PEDIGREE

Champion Napoleon-Gorgeous Tri Male Napoleon is all boy and Loves the Girls. His claim to fame is his beautiful head and tri-color markings. He is intelligent and playful. Loves his squeaky toys, and loves to play fetch. He's a real little Charmer, king of the castle.

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