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    trophy   CHAMPION Radiant Star's Sweet N’ Spicy - PEDIGREE

“Fawn, Spicy is the Cat’s Meow in Chihuahuas. She Championed in just 1 weekend. Showed Beautifully and was so much fun to show. Her Movement, Personality & Soft Shiny Coat Charmed the Judges for sure. She just Bubbles with Warmth & Affection. This Sweet Little Girl is Definitely the Spice in my Life.

    trophy   CHAMPION Radiant Star's Princess - PEDIGREE

Black Tri Female Chihuahua Princess Charms the Judges and those around her with her energetic smooth pace, and her beautiful black eyes, placed so perfectly, sparkles with eager enthusiasm while strutting her stuff in the show ring and beyond. A Special Little Treasure for Sure :)

With an American Champion “Leander Bear Catcher of Ballybroke for a Sire and My Sweet "Group Winning Girl, Champion Annie" for a mother how can she be any thing but AWESOME!

    trophy   CHAMPION Hi-C Annie of Radiant Star - PEDIGREE

 Champion Annie Super Star-Wins a Group 1 and Championship same day. Annie is a bundle of Sweetness and Personality. Anyone who sees her can't help but Love her. Her “Showiness" paid off in the Show Ring giving her the Best of Breed Award, which led to a Group 1 placement in the Toy Group. Annie is So Special to us. I will never forget her Sweet, Angelic Look she gave me when I picked her up from the Airport.

    trophy   CHAMPION Hi-C Janie of Radiant Star - PEDIGREE

CHAMPION HI-C JANIE OF RADIANT STAR This little girl is so Tiny and Sweet. Her gorgeous eyes and face just make you want to squeeze her. She's so loveable and silky soft. Her tail doesn't stop wagging. Everybody loves our little Janie. Showing Janie was a lot of fun. She won BOS over a specials female and won best puppy in group her first weekend out.Way to go Janie.

    trophy   CHAMPION Hi-C Amelia of Radiant Star - PEDIGREE

pregnant chihuahua Amelia is so Beautiful. Just 4 months after giving birth to 2 gorgeous boys, she goes BOW and BOB on July 26, 09. She's so swift and smooth it's hard to keep up with her without breaking into a run. Cuddles should be her nickname, as she loves to lay on your lap and snuggle. Beautiful smooth coat, Beautiful smooth movement, Beautiful temperament.That's our Amelia.

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